We aim to provide Model based, Visualization and Analytical solutions on a physics based geometric engine.

Systems to Subsystems level solutions

Communication Systems

Communication Systems being the integral part of take it for Air, Space or ground systems we provide support on analyzing these communication subsystems such as transmitter and receiver.

RADAR Systems

We provide solutions and support on design and analysis of simple/complex RADAR systems. 

Aircraft Mission Planning

We provide solutions on Air Systems' operational analysis, pre mission analysis, auto routing.

Space Systems

In order to execute a successful space mission takes an accurate analysis, we at YADS provide solutions on Satellite Orbit design, Space mission analysis.

End To End Solutions

We aim to provide a simplified and accurate solutions to the complexity with the systems in the field of Air, Space and Sea such as C4ISR, Artificial Identification System(AIS), Battle Management System (BMS),  Common Operating Picture(COP), Disaster Management, Border Security Solutions (BSS), Smart City Security Solutions, Interplanetary Trajectory Design etc.,

Defense Application: Hardware in Loop 

Space Tech Application: Database Analyser


A solution towards Space Situational Awareness....
In the present crowded space environment, it has become a need to keep track and safe guard your space/vehicle environment.
We at YADS Technologies provide an end to end solution to establish a simulation environment to make sure you are at SAFE SPACE!!

Access Computer 

Mission Planner

Simulations on Systems Tool Kit 

STK Analyzer tool enables the user to simulate n number of objects (currently limited to missiles) with m number of runs using Monte Carlo method.
This method allows the user to randomize the sample input values generated by the system within the given boundary constraints. This can then be utilized to account for all the possible theoretical scenarios, which are difficult to do so individually.

Real-time Video Streaming

X-Plane live streaming


Exploring how new innovations in software technology have the potential to improve Model-based Software Engineering (MBSE).

Increasing our value proposition by developing smart software applications capable of rapidly improving the examination of asset infrastructure.

Providing raw data in the form of reports, graphs, dynamic display or 3D animation resources more efficiently than competitors (price matching).

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